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Herniated Disc

What happens in the case of a herniated disc?

In the case of (prolapse) and bulging (protrusion), this occurs (often triggered by lifting rotary motion!) In the occurrence of movements of the fixed disc, the disc as a whole or the core slips through a defective fiber ring.

ALARMING SYMPTOMS are occurrences of paralysis of the affected muscles as well as loss of urinary control. Urgent attention and medical care is required.

Treatment options without surgery

Many sufferers connect the diagnosis of "herniated disc" immediately with the thought of an operation. But for herniated discs, surgery is not always required. Most important for you as a patient is the elimination of pain.  Other therapy methods which we use in the medical centers can work extremely well as treatments, without the need for an operation.

In addition to medical measures, there is a targeted injection of the pinched nerve root sense (called Fluoroscopy Guided Spine Injection).


Comprehensive advice and information to find the right treatment method for YOU:

Every patient and their history are unique, so at SchmerzLOS we take plenty time to discuss your options with you before starting treatment and to answer any questions you may have:

Structure of the back muscles is a must!

After successful therapy, the structure of the back muscles is crucial!


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