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Sciatica, sciatic pain

What causes sciatic pain?

The main leg nerve arises from several nerve exits along the lumbar spine. Any disturbance in the area of the nerve can cause typical sciatic pain (over the buttocks and the back of the upper and lower leg)



For us as treating physicians what arises first and foremost is the task of tracing the exact cause of the problem and fixing it.  For this, the most suitable treatment method is selected for you with great care. Of course, we constantly consult all treatment steps with you. 


Among the available forms of therapy include the infiltration of the nerve root (the herniated disc or a narrow / stenosis in the exit area of ​​the nerves), facet nerve treatments / or sclerotherapy treatment of the sacroiliac joint.


Occasionally, there is a shortening of the pear-shaped muscle that spans the leg in the hip in which the sciatic nerve runs, one of the causes of piriformis syndrome. Here a Botulinum Toxin Infiltration provides relief and takes the tension out of the muscle.


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